Our Proposal Story

our proposal story

We first met in a grade seven math class. He helped me with math and I provided him with pencils for the year.

Will was the classic too-cool-for-school, getting kicked out of French class, football-playing jock of our high school. And yes…he was definitely swoon-worthy with his baby blue eyes, quick wit, unbridled confidence, and shy smile. On the other hand, I was involved in everything the school had to offer. I was vice-president of our student council, played on multiple sports teams, performed in the dance show, was a member of the grad committee, acted in school plays and the like. I was much more interested in fulfilling my dream of getting into the business & marketing program at the college of my choosing than in guys at the time.

We became friends in our last year of high school where we organized a leadership camp together and went on a four-country EuroTrip with our school.

We really got to know each other because we got stuck sitting next to each other a lot even though I wanted to be alone with my book most of the time, which to my surprise…so did he.

We explored each other’s novels, fought light-heartedly about the best types of books and we unknowingly began to write our love story.

Will was full of one-liners that began to slowly capture my heart. The thing that changed it all was while waiting in line to take prom photos Will walked up to me and said that we should take a picture together.

I looked at him side-eyed and asked why and he responded with

“you’re going to want these pictures one day.”

Hook, line, and sinker.

We’ve been together since we were 17 and now, a decade later, we’re planning our forever.

We’ve gone through high school and college together and did long-distance for four years while in University. We were tired of being away from each other so on a whim I had applied for a job and moved from Montreal to Ottawa. Since then we’ve been chasing our careers, got a fur-baby named Copper and bought our first house. We’re not that romantic…but somehow we ended up creating a fairytale.

how he asked

One day after work, Will invited me for a picnic by a local waterfall to celebrate our upcoming ten year dating anniversary.

He surprised me with flowers and we walked down a beautiful trail with Copper by our sides to the base of a beautiful local waterfall in Ottawa. He had brought our favorite red wine and a charcuterie board when all of a sudden a woman, who looked like a tourist with a backpack and a camera, showed up and started taking pictures of the waterfall.

Just as I was rumbling about having our perfect moment interrupted Will was on one knee in front of me and I actually asked him what he was doing.

I was confused and thought he hurt himself for a second until it hit me.

He was proposing!

I had been waiting for this moment to happen for so long that I almost didn’t hear anything he said because I couldn’t believe it was finally happening.

Oh and that tourist?

She was a photographer that Will had hired to capture our special moment.

He absolutely aced the proposal! A+


*wish I was wearing better sandals – face-palm*


Photos by: A Christen Photography

We’re one decade in and we can’t wait to seal our promise to be together at a beautiful estate in Ontario in May 2020 surrounded by family and friends.

Ps. He still helps me with math, only this time…it’s our wedding budget.

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