The Journey Begins

the jouney begins

Our interest in real estate and renovations goes wayyyy back.

Will and I grew up in construction zones. In the summers, he worked with his dad on tiling and other renovation projects and I helped my mom renovate her historic apartment building in Montreal.

When we first started dating, over a decade ago, we actually spent most of our first summer together painting, tiling and renovating my mom’s buildings. Talk about romantic! I guess that set the tone of our relationship.

We love working hard and seeing that work turn into something beautiful.

More than just something beautiful we have come to realize that real estate can be a way to build and leave a legacy for our family. So we got to work.

Will is a project coordinator at a local construction and design firm and I (Julia) specialized in business and marketing. These careers lend themselves well to our real estate investment dreams in the sense that Will has experience in planning and executing renovations and I can handle all of the business related operations.

Our hope is to blend our chosen passions to take our futures into our own hands by building a solid foundation (pun intended) in real estate investing.

We’ve already started to bring this to life by purchasing our first house in Ottawa, ON. It’s a single-family bungalow with a finished basement that we plan on converting into two independent units. Stay tuned for many posts about our journey in doing so!

We’re excited to start our own legacy with this first house!

We’re ready to tackle the ups, the downs, the uncertainty, the fun moments of demo days and everything in between and we’re excited to share this journey with you, friend.

Will + Julia

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